7 Colors Light LED Facial Mask Treatment Skin Care Beauty Anti Aging Therapy Instrument

  • Activate Collagen: promote the growth of skin collagen, make the skin more translucent
  • Tighten the pores – tighten the pores, make the skin firmer, improve skin tone, smoother and more elastic
  • Accelerated detoxification – effectively accelerate skin metabolism and promote skin toxin excretion
  • Improve sleep quality, blood circulation and immune system
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False Eyelash Craft

Machine Made



Brand Name



Beauty Instrument,led light therapy


Skin Care Rejuvenation,led skin treatment



Mascara led facial rejuvenecedora

facial led light

Operating Voltage


number of led lights

192 pcs of lights

color light

Red,Blue,Purple,White Green,yellow,green

Suitable for skin

most skin types can be applied

Applicable age




Product Features 1

whitening and brightening skin

Product Features 2

Freckle removal

Product Features 3

large pores removal

Product Features 4

acne acne removal

Product Features 5

Improve dull skin

Product Features 6

inhibit acne

Product Features 7

Repair skin allergies

Product Features 8

delay aging

Product Features 9

improve sleep

Product Features 10

Activate collagen



place of origin


model number

face tool


Reviews (63)

63 reviews for 7 Colors Light LED Facial Mask Treatment Skin Care Beauty Anti Aging Therapy Instrument

  1. O***e

    Good product, but it lacks a bag or a box where i can store it when I’m done with it. It also came with a small scratch on the due to lack of box, it got damaged on shipping. Working fine though

  2. M***A

    I received the order as smoothly as possible.

  3. S***a

    The mask went long enough, more than a month, but i can write it off on new year’s holidays. The mask came in a protective package from blows, a little sorry that not in a storage box, but will survive. In appearance, everything is intact, without scratches. The only thing that confuses this plug of the apron that connects to the remote is done terribly, i hope it will not kill the current when connected, everything works. I’m sure the effect will be. Unsubscribe there is no sense in the internet a lot of admiring reviews. I recommend the store! I think i will order from him more than once.

  4. S***n

    Very nice in working condition Thank you store

  5. P***g

    Good Good

  6. S***l

    exactly same as shown just waiting for positive results on my skin.

  7. K***o

    Thank you for your quick delivery. I was worried about the weight of the product, but I was surprised to be lighter than I thought. I recommend it.

  8. Customer

    Before use. A little heavy water morning use blindfold for swimming glasses misty as vivid glasses old the ㅎ Korean manual send wish to outflank one color colored only continue to give good-or C8 choice as alternates children colored turned to good to know. I feel need improve ㅎ

  9. I***a

    Ordered goods 11.02. 19, has arrived in voronezh 25.02. 19. In the air bag. Everything is intact, it works fine. I recommend both the product and the store.

  10. Customer

    Very quick!!! 6 days only!!!!! Its perfect

  11. Customer

    I haven’t tried the product yet but the item arrived very quickly and was very well packaged. The product is very good quality and all parts are working. I’m looking forward to trying this product and seeing the results. Thank you so much to the store. I would highly recommend

  12. H***M

    Good Korea very fast shipping experience, it takes

  13. M***i


  14. D***s

    Love it! So excited to have this item finally. I have wanted this mask for quite a while. The last one never arrived. Works great!

  15. A***z

    Although my package was a little late it arrived quickly! The mask was very well protected and easy to use. I recommend

  16. J***M

    Non-caustic Element

  17. N***r

    It’ll take a month. Exato ala description. I hope it works. I don’t know why i serve the pieces inside hurt my head someone knows can be used without that?

  18. S***c

    Very fast shipment under 2 weeks, very well packed. Included Power Supply Controller and mask + add on neck. I don’t know what sister wanted it I bought, but several color outdoor LED lights, does not produce heat, general it rather placebo but let has as wanted 🙂 women it kurczowo youth sie hold and even such miracles believe.

  19. E***a

    Huge thanks to the store for the work done. To moscow less than two weeks and this despite the march holidays. All myostimulation conductors work, all functions and modes work. Looks very cool. The neck compartment is unfastened and can work without it and this is a huge plus because people with a sick thyroid and inflamed lymph nodes can not use the mask!!!!! After two weeks of use i will write a full review, what and how to do and what kind of agreements i used.

  20. N***d

    Awesome, works great, everything is working. Thank you.

  21. Customer

    Shipping period days seems so hung. The business.

  22. D***s

    It works properly! Expect results

  23. J***d

    Į Norvegiją atvyko greitai. Nupirkau kovo 09 D., O Jau kovo 20 dieną atvyko! Labai Gaila, Kan nėra originalios dėžutės. Koks poveikis-text Dar įsitikinti, Tam Dar reikia laiko. Pardavėją rekomenduoju.

  24. C***o

    good job!

  25. E***e

    The mask came in 2 weeks, everything works. It is difficult to immediately say about the results, but the look is amazing)))) the husband said like a cyborg))) tried for 20 minutes (after cleansing the skin applied cream and put on a mask in light mode 3) the skin accurately took the light with gratitude, i think on all positive reviews and on youtube and everywhere, it really works!

  26. C***s

    Exellent quality and attention thanks I am very happy and glad I recommend a lot to this store

  27. Z***a

    Very fast delivery, 1.5 weeks to mykolaiv courier mist express brought personally. Packed very well, i will check in later. I ordered at a discount with alieexpress for 9 years. Thanks to the store and everyone for the cooperation! Sincerely anna.

  28. Customer

    There is no elastic band to hold the mask to my face. Have to buy one myself…. also no instructions of how strong the light should be and for how long. Or how to use the blinking lights. Have to search on websites to find recommended setting to use for mask. Other instructions were clear

  29. F***r

    All OK, recommend

  30. L***o

    Don’t know yet but misbecome Price contrast off Stronge El Lady chip cheap-like feeling

  31. K***g

    I look forward to your purchase. Products and ships are really good! I believe in buying other products from the store. Good seller! ^^

  32. V***a


  33. I***a

    just as described! arrived very fast and well protected!! I’ve been wanting this for quite a while,fits great! thanks!!

  34. K***a

    Mask received. all modes work. i will use. thank you. i recommend

  35. S***a

    fast delivery

  36. T***A


  37. N***n

    I arrive in good condition just as they show it very nice and in time

  38. N***l

    Super thing, all colors work, immediately tried, many different modes, here is the inclusion of all in the middle on the skin feels warm and on some other color light tingle, then the effect is, a matter of time! I’m very glad that i had in this magagine ordered, praise to the stores! It’s been a month. Thank you seller, great thing! More such stores and quality goods

  39. Customer

    All works on effects need wait

  40. Customer

    Everything came perfect, and way before i estimated it. Thank you super recommended

  41. I***i

    Ok, i get the mask very well, and the pareser works fine, and met the delivery date. I like to buy on this page.

  42. S***a

    Come without box, but came around.

  43. Customer

    Very fast, I recommend for the Brazilian buyers

  44. M***a

    I get cramp for the rest good

  45. K***h

    Other products owned truckload having incomparable but El masks size of the effect is good, the business really better use you certainly skin tone, light will become just too heavy work the cellphone bracket or inside the sponge size paste can be used as harness the forehead jaw clown on toilet padded stepped up and use China Rea microcurrent any station to age heart prayer and some work but, and I’m sorry

  46. Customer

    Fast delivery and compliant product. It makes my husband laugh who calls me Ironman. thank you store

  47. G***a

    Good product and meets the explained in the image

  48. V***l

    The only problem is that the connection is european

  49. D***a

    Excellent wrapper. I arrive in very good time. Wait very little. I recommend the store. The product is accurate as shown on the electronic page.

  50. K***a

    Weeks only comes from fire, after the face mask, and there are some heavy work in forehead but 픕. lights for Oni warm thanks for help. with write well.

  51. C***o

    Excellent product

  52. D***e

    Very like.

  53. K***B

    Product came within 2 weeks. Well packed. Works.

  54. U***r

    Package arrived in good condition, I haven’t try it yet, but I will tomorrow. all 7 colors are working at the moment and I hope this device do the job on my skin. I’ll make another comment after a few use in a couple days.

  55. N***i

    Well received in a Bubble Bag, about 3 weeks. In good condition. The instructions are in English it’s a shame! I plugged it in but not used yet. Serious store I recommend.

  56. L***Z

    Thank you store.

  57. L***a

    Microcurrents are better applied with minimum power, gradually increasing. Checked. Works. Delivered in 14 days. Later i will write a more detailed review of the action of photons.

  58. O***o

    I came quickly, everything works, thanks to the store, i will order such goods from him, there is a sad experience, instead of such a mask came cheap without neck and microcurrents, but in a beautiful box. take it will not regret.

  59. C***e

    Really cool mask! Can’t wait to keep using it, it’s a bit heavy when you put it on, but I suggest to lie down and relax and loosen the strap behind. But otherwise very happy with it and like it!

  60. J***s

    It arrived super well packed, all how described in advertising. Just unpacking and i feel like i have new toy. I hope to leave other comments.

  61. J***o

    All works well. fast shipping. Very satisfied with stores communication. Thank you seller! More power to your shop!

  62. F***o

    Product very well packed and protected. The mask weighs but all looks of quality material. It works perfectly. My wife very happy

  63. B***e

    Very well packaged. I recommend this shop. Lights work. Relatively fast delivery

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7 Colors Light LED Facial Mask Treatment Skin Care Beauty Anti Aging Therapy Instrument

The number of LED lights is another important reference standard for the function of LED beauty instruments. Because more LED lights will produce faster and deeper beauty effects, let you achieve 10 or even 20 times the effect of other products. LED beauty mask effect: whitening skin, shrink pores, increase collagen, increase skin luster and elasticity, anti-aging, firm skin, improve dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, dilute dark spots and dry spots, promote wound healing, Improve oily pox skin, inhibit acne to remove acne, wound bacteria, improve skin allergies, redness and blood, accelerate the absorption of skin care products, and improve sleep quality. Built-in high-quality light-blocking eye band to protect the eyes and make beauty for the face.

Features / Benefits

  • Activate Collagen: promote the growth of skin collagen, make the skin more translucent
  • Tighten the pores – tighten the pores, make the skin firmer, improve skin tone, smoother and more elastic
  • Accelerated detoxification – effectively accelerate skin metabolism and promote skin toxin excretion
  • Improve sleep quality, blood circulation and immune system

Micro-current Physiotherapy: technology to solve facial problems, the main effect is to increase facial massage. Electro-ion skin care, activates the muscle base, and is healthy and moisturized.

How to use the 7 Colors Light LED Facial Mask Treatment Skin Care Beauty Anti Aging Therapy Instrument?

  1. Insert the USB connector into the end of the LED mask wire
  2. Clean your face and wait until it is dry. Use serum or skin care products. This will make it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
  3. Put on the mask. Make sure you are comfortable to wear.
  4. Open the mask and you will see the red tint on the entire mask.
  5. Keep your LED mask close to your facial skin. You can also change the different colors using the remote control.


The light is at low intensity. If you feel a little uncomfortable, you may close your eyes. LED is a faster absorption and treatment of the skin, it does not immediately see the effect, it takes some time to repair your skin. Please do not worry too much, users will definitely see good results.


Use 2-3 times a week, each time no more than 30 minutes. Do not use sensitive skin for more than 20 minutes

Use a cleansing lotion before using the mask – use the essence or skin care after cleaning (or you can also buy a special facial gel) wear a mask (mask operation such as video, the buyer can adjust the desired color according to the needs). After removing the mask, apply a water mask.

The LED mask is suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

The mask itself has an eye mask, which has the function of protecting the eyes, and the user does not have to worry.

Prohibition of use of people:
Pregnant women, children, thyroid diseases, mild allergies, use of drugs can cause allergies.


The 7 LED Color Effects

  1. Red Light (630nm): 630nm wavelength, known as “biologically active light”, can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote collagen formation. It has whitening, rejuvenation, wrinkle, skin elasticity, skin condition and repair. Damage to the skin, shrink pores, firm skin, anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects.
  2. Blue Light (470nm): 470nm wavelength, can inhibit the effect of inflammation, can effectively destroy the bacteria of Propionibacterium without damage to the skin tissue, and significantly reduce the acne during the inflammatory period to a short time. get well. It has acne and acne, repairs the skin, and does not leave scars and pigments.
  3. Violet Light: It is a combination of red and blue double light bands, two phototherapy effects, especially in healing and repairing acne scars.
  4. White light: penetrates deep into the skin, accelerates active tissue and metabolism, breaks down pigmentation, and improves fine lines and sagging skin. Solve age spots, improve fine lines and relax skin.
  5. Green light (520nm): It can reduce the oil secretion of the skin and balance the water and oil ratio. Neutralize, balance skin condition, relieve mental stress, and effectively clear lymph and edema.
  6. Huang Guang (590nm): Improves the exchange of cellular oxygen, replenishes the skin, decomposes pigments, improves skin roughness and wrinkles, redness, fever, skin blemishes, and increases immunity.
  7. Green Blu-ray: Gradually enhances cell energy and promotes metabolism.


  • Type: Photodynamic led facial beauty mask
  • Voltage: 110v-240v, 60Hz / 50Hz
  • Plug: EU, US plug
  • Product weight: 1.1kg (without box)
  • Number of LEDs: 192 LEDs
  • Light color: 7 colors
  • Output power: 20W (maximum)

Package Includes

  • 1 LED mask (without box)
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Power cord
  • Full User Manual