Credit/Debit Card & Amazon Payments

Is thedermafix.com safe to make payment transactions?

Yes. thedermafix.com is a highly secured website using an SSL connection to protect and encrypt personal data, which cannot be intercepted. In addition, no one has access to your payment information at any time. This is to ensure your information is encrypted and can never be stolen.

https  – secured
http   – non secured

How can I make a purchase using my Amazon account?

In the “Checkout” page, Select “Login with Amazon, and complete the checkout using Amazon directly

When will my credit/debit card or amazon account be charged?

thedermafix.com authorizes and charges credit/debit cards and amazon accounts at the time of purchase.

Coupons & Promo Codes

Why is my coupon code not working?

Our coupons are limited to specified expiration dates, # of times used per customer, minimum total order amount, or any other sale parameter not listed here. If you are expierincing coupon errors, please contact us at
support@thedermafix.com right away and we’ll be sure to get you the best available coupon for your purchase order.

Shipping & Tracking

How will I know when my package has been shipped?

You will receive an “Order is Shipped” email that includes the tracking number.

How Do I track my package?

Your tracking number is provided in the “Order is Shipped” email notification once your order is shipped.

When will my package arrive?

Delivery time will depend upon where you are located and which product is being delivered. We offer free shipping packages arrive between 2-35.

See our shipping policy for more information

Can I make changes to my order after the order was placed?

No. All confirmed orders are final. We are unable to make changes to orders. If you’ve made an error when purchasing an item, please contact customer service at support@thedermafix.com

Send Us Your Questions

We are here to make sure your experience with us is nothing less 100% satisfaction. Send us your questions and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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